IoT Standards Groups merging – that has to be good news.


“The AllSeen Alliance, one of the early industry consortiums aimed at creating open interoperability standards for the internet of things, is being absorbed by another group with similar ambitions, the Open Connectivity Foundation.Officials with both organizations announced Oct. 10 that the two groups are merging and that the larger consortium will keep the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) name.”

“At the same time, the merged group will continue working on the open-source IoTivity (OCF) and AllJoyn (AllSeen) projects, eventually merging them into a single IoTivity standard.”

“That said, there are other efforts out there aiming to develop interoperability standards, such as the Thread Group. In addition, Google is developing Weave, which is a common communications language for devices that is part of the larger Project Brillo to create an embedded operating system for such devices.”

“Other efforts include the OCF and Industrial Internet Consortium working more closely, and the Thread Group and ZigBee Alliance partnering.”

See link for full article. 

Let’s hope that we can have fewer standard groups, and kill off the ones that are just established to push their own proprietary technologies. 

Trev Townsend



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