Surprising result from Dresner Advisory on Govt interest in IoT

Some interesting insights from  Dresner Advisory Services’ 2016 The Internet of Things and Business Intelligence Market Study published last month.

It is very surprising to see State and local government reporting “IoT is not important” in 70% of the respondents. This doesn’t seem to correlate with the interest in SmartCity projects – much of which is dependent on IoT solutions.

There are obviously some who see it as critical (10%) and thankfully the City of Melbourne is amongst this group.  According to Michelle Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer and SmartCities Office @ City of Melbourne at Startupbootcamp’s IoT and Data FastTrack in Melbourne, “IoT is a critical component in making our city smarter and more livable.” Whilst Michelle emphasises the human side of the City experience, she is excited about IoT and Data (and particularly Open Data) is going to transform our experiences in the City.  She gave the example of how Melbourne’s parking data will soon be available in real-time for startups and businesses to use.



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