Living with IoT

Imagine a world where your behaviours and habits with products determine its warranty status? Where you car tells the insurer how safely and carefully you drive and charges you accordingly (or suspends your policy automatically when you do not drive within the law).  These are all the flop side of the benefits of IoT – we will live in a world where our privacy is further eroded for the benefit of commerce … and we will all willingly agree to get better prices, service and utility out of lives.

We quickly gave up our information privacy to Google, Facebook and others when the services they provided far outweighed the small sacrifice of anonymity in what we read, purchased and watched.  We will do the same with devices, when having them connected to their manufacturer, the distributor, and other service providers.  And do you think the Government won’t be interested in some of that data too … of course it will.

So like cloud computing, social and other technologies we are going to hear a lot about security and privacy in the IoT space and most of it will be simply noise. Most people will not understand how the data will be used or collected and will not care as long as the get the better service or product experience.

So it remains to the professionals in the industry to ensure that we have the safeguards in place and that we fundamentally respect individuals privacy as we build solutions. However, as with other technologies, those firms that put adopt the ‘do nothing’ approach and let the shrill cries of “what about security and privacy” will be left behind. Think about the problem clearly, adopt sensible precautions and standards, rather than trying to get everything perfect before you start.


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